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With over 25 years of experience in resolving traffic matters, we’re experienced in the art of attaining the results our clients want. Whether you seek dismissal or a quick resolution, you can rest assured that when you hire Markowitz Law, you minimize the hassle and maximize efficiency.

No matter the story, we can help.


  • Traffic Ticket and Criminal Defense
  • DWI and License Revocation
  • Failure to Appear and Bonding
  • Occupational Driver License
  • Expunction and Non-Disclosure of Records
  • Other Services Available

Please call us at 713-521-7568 or fill out the form here. Make sure to have the following items on hand once your case is taken:

  • Original Citation
  • Valid State-Issued ID
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Photos/Videos of Incident (if available)
Solution Driven

Court Valet — Markowitz Law handles the case on your behalf and significantly reduces your time spent in court. Your court attendance may not be necessary.*

Ticket Defense — An attorney attends court with you to fight the case. Your attendance may be required.*

* Dependent on court requirements and nature of case
Time Responsible

After analyzing your case, we will contact you to verify your citation details and establish a timeline to meet all of your court deadlines.

Client Centered

Although ticket dismissal is our highest priority for clients, the effect on your insurance rate depends on the violation and outcome of your case.

Estimate your rate increase.